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Did you know that our nurses used to ride their bikes to visit patients back in the early 1920's? BDNH Group has been working to help the Ballarat and surrounding communities for over 100 years!

Our rich and colourful history dates all the way back to 1911.


1911 - the first district nurse was appointed and the Ballarat Dispensary promised to supply all medicines required free of cost for at least the first year, a promise which was honoured for many years.  She travelled by bicycle, tram or foot to on average 192 patients per month and sometimes also provided food and clothing to clients in need.

1923 -  we purchased our first second-hand car, to conserve the energy of the nurse and so she could see more patients.  Much of the funds were raised through generous donations from the local community.

1940's & 1950's -  the office was run from the home of Mrs. Lena Trevenen who worked in a voluntary capacity at the society for 46 years!

1960 - we moved into our first real office and had expanded to a team of 7 nurses and 7 vehicles.  Through funding and donations from the local community a block of land was purchased in Armstrong Street and constructed a pupose-built headquarters which could accommodate the growing workforce.

1973 - we had emplyed ten nurses and three clerical persons were employed, making over 2,000 visits to patients each month period.

1990 - The first CEO was appinted and the workforce had increased to 40 nurses working out of 25 vehicles and was again searching for a new lcoation which could accommodate the increased growth in the workforce.

1993 - The Sturt Street premises purchased, a factory building with a large area which could accommodate the number of motor vehicles required to be garaged on the site.

2002 - the name of the organisation was changed to Ballarat District Nursing and Healthcare in consideration of the increase in services that was being provided, and a new logo was developed to encourage the abbreviation of the name - BDNH. This building was enlarged and renovated twice to accommodate growth. 

2011 - BDNH Group celebrated it's 100th year of serving the Ballarat and surrounding districts

2013 - Our Sturt Street premises upgrade was completed and we moved into our new contemporary & technologically advanced offices.

2015/2016 - With over 80 staff and a large fleet, BDNH Group made 79,008 visits to our 1,828 clients.  Our staff travelled 336,550 kilometres to visit our clients - almost to the moon and back! 

Today with technological advancements and medical breakthough's over the years, we know a lot more.  However the role of BDNH Group is still the same as it was 100 years ago:
To provide members of the local community with the care and support they need, in order to live independently in the comfort of their own homes. 

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