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Managing Pain

Pain is a common condition which can really affect your quality of life. Dont let pain hold you back, let us help you treat or manage your pain so it doesn't stop you from living.

Pain is commonly caused by medical conditions, surgeries or injuries.  Un-treated, it can also cause other health concerns such as increased blood pressure, decreased mobility, slowed digestion, tension, fatigue, anxiety and depression.   So it is important to treat and manage your pain to avoid extra health complaints and give you the best possible quality of life. 

How can we help you manage your pain?

  • If you are treating pain with medication, we can make sure you take the right dose, it in the right way, at the right time.
  • We will monitor your pain levels, which helps make sure you're getting the right level of treatment.
  • We will develop a pain minimising strategies for you and teach you how to manage it.
  • You can manage your pain at home while getting regular care and advice.
  • We can keep your GP or Specialist informed of your progress.
  • For very severe pain, we can refer you to pain specialists.

If you would like us to help you treat and manage your pain, contact us and we can make a plan together.