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Looking after Wounds

All of our nurses at BDNH Group have had extensive training in wound management. We make sure you get the best wound care, using high quality dressings to minimise your healing and recovery time.

How can we help you with your wound care?

  • Our nurses will review your wounds to determine what is causing them.
  • We help to treat your wounds, as well as the underlying causes, so you can avoid future wounds if possible.
  • We create a wound care management plan, to keep your healing on track and speed up your recovery.
  • We can call in specialist wound consultants for complex cases.
  • We can keep your GP and other health care professionals updated with details of your care and progress.

What impact does diabetes have on wounds?

  • Diabeties can cause damage to blood vessels, making it difficult for cuts and abrasions to heal properly. 
  • Diabetes can also damage nerves, which can cause numbness - you may not even realise a wound exists or needs serious treatment because it doesn't hurt!    

So it's even more important for diabetics to get professional care when it comes to their wounds.  You can avoid infection and reduce recovery times by letting us help you to heal. 

If you would like us to help to care for your wounds,  contact us at BDNH Group and we can talk about how we can help.